A Day in the Life of a Loss Prevention Manager


Grab large double shot flat white from usual haunt and head into the office


Check emails from overnight. Delete usual spam from African Presidents and sift through for correspondence from Store staff


Flag emails from Barry and Heidi. Barry is at our Mansfield store and has raised suspicions about a staff member providing staff discounts to friends. Heidi at Inala believes an unknown staff member is voiding a large number of transactions at end of day.


Attend first meeting of the day with Executive team to discuss outstanding investigations and the need to perform a stocktake at our Virginia store to confirm some suspicions around refunds. Get hammered for the number of open investigations and the time it is taking to close an open investigation.


Back at desk and on the phone to Mike in IT asking for the last 60 days of store transactions for our Mansfield and Inala stores. Mike informs we have the last 30 days available but will have to revert to storage / backup to get the other 30 days. They ask if I still need the last stocktake report for Virginia which has changed since it was last run and needs someone to add adjustments.


Call Dave in IT about Virginia Refunds and ask him if he can provide Refund transactions by operator number, but told that exception is not available. Ask for time of Refund or Refund as last transaction of the day. Guess what no luck there either! Guess I’ll just do it the old manual way and go through all the Refunds for those days. Start the manual process of sifting through the data file provided by IT for the Virginia store looking for all refunds. As I sift through I notice there are days missing in the data provided and need to request a new file from IT.


Get new file from IT and continue search for Refunds. Onto third coffee and decide will have to skip lunch to get through workload. Whilst looking through the Refunds realise I need to look at and match the original sales docket to the Refund. Back to IT again for another file request. More time wasted waiting for the original sale.


Find 40 Refund transactions for prior month. Difficult to determine if these are anomalous, as there is no other store’s data to compare to. Decide to go to CCTV video and see if anything looks suspicious. Damn forgot to adjust for daylight savings and there is a time variance between the register and the CCTV system. Why can’t these things all be in sync. This is going to be a long day.


Haven’t been able to decipher any discernable evidence that warrants investigation. Need to get a hold of same transactions from other stores to undertake a comparsion, but that will have to be a job for tomorrow…

Another tough day at the office… does this process sound familiar?

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